The Best Way To Defrost Your Car

Days are getting shorter and mornings are getting darker and colder. You’ve probably already spent a few mornings scraping away the ice from your windshield. But how did you do it? This month we’ve put together some of the fastest and safest ways to defrost your car.

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Preparing for Winter: Part 1

You are most likely to breakdown during the winter months. Follow our advice below to avoid getting stuck in the snow!

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Preparing for Winter: Part 2

Last month we explained some of the most important things to do to your car in the run up tow winter. This month we’re going in to detail about some of the dangers on the road throughout the winter months.

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Cheap Summer Car Maintenance

Although we don’t always get the best summer weather in Britain it’s important to keep your car prepared for those short but sweet heat-waves. Whether you’re going on a family camping trip or just going on a country drive we’ve compiled this list of cheap and simple things you can do to make sure your car is ready for anything!

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Buying a Child’s Car Seat

Any new parent will know that when it comes to buying and fitting a car seat for a baby or child things can become quite complicated. There are various suggestions, rules and laws about car seats and in this blog post we aim to make things clearer for you.

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Stunning Summer Drives in the North East – Part 2

In last months blog post we looked at two of our favourite journeys in the North East. This month we’d like to share two more of our favourites with you! This time we’re looking at the beautiful Northumbrian Coastal route to Holy Island and the historic drive alongside Hadrian’s Wall. If you have any suggestions for great roads or journeys in the North East please get in touch.

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Stunning Summer Drives in the North East – Part 1

Now that we’re beginning to see some summer weather in the North East of England it’s time to take your new car out for a country drive. We’re lucky to have some beautiful countryside in the North East that is often taken for granted. Over the next two months we’d like to share with you some of our favourite roads and journeys in the North East.

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